The Town of Southwest Ranches, Corrections Corporation of American (CCA), and DHS / ICE want to build one of the largest immigration detention centers in the nation within walking distance of thousands of homes; thus, reducing the quality of our life and our community. We do not agree with the federal government privatizing our immigration detention centers throughout the nation when there is clear evidence that privatizing our prisons creates a clear public safety threat. For ICE to continue to privatize these institutions and bring this safety threat through their "secure communities Initiative" to our community is unacceptable. Depriving someone of their liberty is a non-delegable governmental function and privatizing of such a function is infecting our nation like a virus.

The Town of Southwest Ranches has now entered into it's THIRD Fire Contract within the last year now with the Town of Davie, costing taxpayers $120,000 in ramp up fees. They are now closing several roads in western Southwest Ranches charging the tax payers $80,000 for the gates. They have paid an unknown amount of money for lobbying with ICE regarding this prison. They have several lawsuits against the Town, 1- Involving Open Meeting Violations on a November 5th meeting concerning the ICE Detention Center, 2- Open Records Violations, and 3- The Town is putting together a lawsuit to sue Pembroke Pines for breach of contract because the City utilized their exit clause and cancelled for convenience their Fire/EMS contract which included water and sewer at the last minute for the CCA prison. In the contract it states that there should be no third party beneficiaries. CCA would be a third party in this instance.

CCA has also filed suit in Federal court against the City of Pembroke Pines saying they are denying them water however the City had never seen a water application. The City did file for a Declaratory Judgement in State Court but that has been put on hold until the Federal Court hears the suit from CCA.

Is ANYONE CONFUSED as to why the Pembroke Pines/Southwest Ranches Fire Agreement was cancelled? The Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff attempted to "slip" into the agreement a portion that guaranteed water for the prison at CCA's request. This is something that should have been brought up separately. CCA should have brought it forward on their own in a water application. This is sleight of hand that CCA and the Town attempted to do because they were so afraid of CCA being on the Pembroke Pines agenda.

As of June 2012, ICE put out a statement that the site selection was no longer needed due to the fact that the extra bedspace was no longer needed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Krome Detainee Murders 15 Yr. Old Girl and Two Others

Detainee released from Krome Avenue Detention Facility kills vibrant young 15 year old Ashley Chow, a 25 year old family friend and her boyfriend.

Kesler Dufrene, who last year slaughtered three people in North Miami after being let out of immigration custody, wasn’t the only convict released to the streets because of a moratorium on deportations to Haiti.
In Dufrene’s case, he was not required to wear any sort of electronic monitoring system. Instead, Dufrene simply had to present himself to immigration authorities in person once a month, which he did not do — although he did call immigration agents to reschedule shortly before the murders.
Of the hundreds of convicts currently released to the streets, only 55 are required to wear electronic monitors, according to ICE.
A convicted burglar from Manatee County, Dufrene was sentenced to five years in prison in 2005. While in prison, an immigration judge ordered that he be deported to Haiti. 
When his prison term was up in September 2010, Dufrene was transferred to immigration custody and housed at the Krome Detention Center in West Miami-Dade.
But ICE released him one month later — and two months after that, he fatally shot the Ashley Chow, 15, a family friend, Harlen Peralta, 25, and her boyfriend, Israel Rincon, 35, inside a North Miami house. 
Eighteen days after the Jan. 2, 2011 murders, Manatee County deputies shot and killed him after an unrelated break-in and shooting there.
Dufrene killed his victims nearly 30 miles from Krome.  So, any person living in Pembroke Pines, Weston, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches and even as far as Fort Lauderdale could potentially be victim to a released detainee.
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Of the hundreds of convicts currently released to the streets, only 55 are required to wear electronic monitors, according to ICE.

Read more here: days after the Jan. 2, 2011 murders, Manatee County deputies shot and killed him after an unrelated break-in and shooting there.

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  1. if anything were to happen to my daughter or family because someone escaped or is released from this prison, I will hold ICE, CCA SWR, especially Jeff Nelson responsible . ICE will have a PR nightmare and I will be leading the charge

  2. i would hope by now that everyone is informed on how that murder was turned loose. he was before a judge to be deported and the judge due to the presidents moritorium that no one could be sent back to haiti.That was the president of the united states not the president of ICE OR CCA. In this country we have laws and if the judge says you go free or the jury YOU GO FREE. we have had killers that have committed murders and because of evidence or juries or both have been found innocent and set free. this man had committed a crime served his time and was to be deported. THE COURTS WOULD HAVE DEPORTED HIM BUT FOR THE MORITORIUM.[ALONG WITH THE OTHER SET FREE TO CONTINUE A LIFE OF CRIME]maybe. We are not a dictatorship nor are we communistic so we can not just lock people up or deport them at will. i am saddened and angry that there was ever a moratorium stopping deporting illegals.with that said i think the blame should be on the president shoulders and no one else if you have to blame someone. Now the money,it was never about the money for me. this facility is a processing facility where people to be deported will be held ,go before a judge with representation and either released if found legal or deported. the holding time will be around 30 days.maybe less.i will know more after my trip to texas [paid for by CCA] I will try to report back to you on what i find. if you are interested. I look at this as no different then any facility that holds a criminal or innocent person before he appears before a judge and we have those in most towns and certainly in all counties. This is not a permant home for anyone. no one can predict what someone is going to do in the future if we could there would be no crime. Have you looked around lately, bank robbers,yesterday in the morning 163 st. mall robed at gun point. drive by shootings, people found in their homes both gated and not murdered. look at the woman in pembrook pines who was murdered by her step son. how do you feel about living next door to him and your daughter dateing him or your son going out with him. THERE ARE BAD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE DOING BAD THINGS SO PLEASE DON'T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE IMBACILES, THEY ARE NOT. we have a problem in this country with criminal illigals. this is not a prison nor will we allow it to become one should this close. i was told by a pines council member that they would be selling tacos on the street corner and i said not unless you pembrook pines allows it because we will not. we also will have a lot of NOTS. if they break them there will be penalties and if bad enough closure. No one will be released at the facility , they will be taken to a bus,train or plane, if they live in pembrook pines then they will be returned to their home. [that's if they are found innocent and legal] otherwise they will be held until they are put on a plane for their homeland.

    1. Mike 199 ave Southwest RanchesFebruary 24, 2012 at 2:04 PM

      There are bad people everywhere doing bad things,true but why invite them to live in our back yard?I mean my back yard seeing as you live on Dykes, what do you care.If this prison was being built a mile or 2 from your house your tune would change and anything you could say would not make me feel differently.

  3. Marygay,

    Apparently you will go to ANY length to justify your terrible and baffling position on the prison.

    ICE could have LEGALLY detained this individual for 6 months. Some unthinking bureaucrat released him after a month. A vibrant 15 year old girl and two others, nearly 30 miles away from Krome lost their lives.

    You, Marygay, have ZERO control over what ICE does IF that facility gets built. A hurricane in another country could halt ALL deportations as happened with Haiti's earthquake. ICE can only detain for 6 months. After that, on YOUR streets.

    We appreciate your writing in response to this article as it gives all the other SW Ranches residents an opportunity to see how much concern and care that an unelected community leader such as yourself cares about her community. Is there any Kool-Aid that you won't drink, Marygay?

    Marygay, it IS a prison. Look up the wikipedia entry on prison.

    These murders occurred 30 miles away from where this detainee was released. Your beloved prison has the potential for impacting ANY SWR resident, ANY Weston resident, ANY Pembroke Pines resident, and even residents as far as Fort Lauderdale.

    Marygay, in the 20 year term of this contract, exactly how many apologies are YOU willing to make for kids like Ashely who get murdered under similar circumstances because of your pigheaded insistence on this prison?

    I think we need to know the type of person who is REALLY representing the silent majority at these Town Council meetings. You really are showing us your true colors.

    Bill Di Scipio

  4. I do have a followup question for you, Marygay.

    If you are unwilling to look at the facts surrounding this facility by studying the impact of another "ICE detention center" merely 23.6 miles from the proposed site, what exactly are you going to find by taking CCA's money and going on yet another trip?

    What does a showcase facility in either TN (the Empire's corporate HQ) or a facility in TX have to offer in terms of facts and understanding.

    Honestly, if you REALLY wanted to see what the locals see instead of what they want you to see in their Potemkin village, you'd get yourself detained for a week or two.

    Seriously. Spend a few weeks in the lockup and then give us all the TRUTH behind who and what CCA and ICE are. Until you go that far, your guided tours are meaningless. We all recognize that. Why don't you?

    Bill Di Scipio

  5. You can call it detention center, processing center.... paint it pink, put beautiful flowers around it, etc....IT IS A PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you cannot come in and out at your own will, IT IS A PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our families, children, safety and homes are sacred, and I wouldn't trade it for money!!!!!!!!!!! Only people WITHOUT heart, soul or mind can do that!!!!

  6. Mary gay its time SWR is free of you and your ilk. You. jeff Nelson and every other council member will be held personally responsible for anything that happens to anyone because of this prison. you wont be able to move far enough away to escape the storm that will follow. karma is a bitch. this is not a threat in any way but if you think people will hold u or the council in high esteem for bringing this horrible pridon to our town you're mistaken if that was your daughteror any council members daughter or mother or friend was killed it would be different.

  7. Marygay is so ill informed about this prison that she doesn't even understand why CCA and ICE are making a big issue about the name.

    CCA's Lucibeth Mayberry let us in on it at the ICE 11/5 meeting.

    You see, the town expressly and specifically DISALLOWED maximum security lockdowns back in their 2005 resolution authorizing a 1500 bed facility.

    The internal correspondence prior to the 1/6/2011 resolution doubling the size of the facility spoke to the need to also include a provision allowing for maximum security as per ICE's requirements.

    The Town Attorney never brought that aspect or that requirement into the resolution. I am 100% convinced that Keith Poliakoff knew how divisive the issue was regarding now allowing maximum security when all the old timers in 2005 were very clear that this wouldn't be allowed.

    So, 100% in his character, rather than debate the issue, a bunch of lies were put in place to get what they wanted without going to the people. The lie that Lucibeth propagated was that this is not a prison; therefore, they aren't disallowed from having maximum security lockdown.

    CCA and SWR once again demonstrate how corrupt they are and what a bunch of liars they are. This is a prison and they are going to put maximum security holding cells and prisoners in there in violation of the 2005 resolution prohibiting this.

    I'm sure Marygay knows this because she's not an imbecile.

  8. This is one reason i write instead of meeting with you on a one to one i try very hard to deal with facts and not attack the person or persons because in this country we still have the freedom to voice our thoughts and have a difference of opinion. you are entitled to yours and i am entitled to mine. It was written that I [PURCHASED or had something to do with the purchase of all 4 of our parks] well i was supportive of them and have chaired the board since we had a parks board, which is voted on by the board and the parks board had increased by my request to 11 because i think that more input from residents is vital. for the record we were required by law to own and maintain parks, there was a acre amt. that we were required to purchase when we became a town. We have met all the states requirements. If anyone is interested the board meetings are open to the public and is listed in the mail out unless the dates are changed. calling first is the best way to save a trip. I am a person who does not sit on the side lines and call people names and spread distorted information. I am not perfect and have many faults but i do love my country and town and work very hard to do positive things for it. I don't expect everyone to love or even like me but i try very hard to be positve and be productive in what i do. i once had someone tell me half of the people in town hate me. [hate is a harsh word and emotion and an energy drainer] my answer was then that means the other half love me??????????? I CAN NOT CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS IN OR TO ANYONES LIVES INCLUDING MINE. AS I POINTED OUT YOU HAD A MURDERER RIGHT IN YOUR AREA WHO KILLED AND DUMPED HER BODY ON I THINK 27. i can only work to make things better when weighting all the information available . I am not a follower who drinks cool aid i am a free thinker and drink milk.As for apologies ,i will continue to say i am sorry when i make a mistake. IT is something that i try to avoid if possible but have made a few like everyone in this imperfect world. i hold no office and would not want to. Being a politian today unlike yrs. ago make you and your family fair game for any disguntled person. The can not defend themselves from false statements or the attacks on them based on the hatered a person has for them or their town. they must ignore and move on for the country,town or county they represent. We today lack any respect for goverment officals. and at times i have seen down right rudeness and yelling. When someone, anyone who wants to discuss something is treated that way it is no wonder they i not interested in dealing with it again. nothing is gained by spitting in someones face who wants to be in a rational discussion. WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE PRESIDENT SPIT IN THE CHINA'S FACE. OOPS THERE GO THE XMAS LIGHTS , NOT TO MENTION OUR CREDIT LINE.OOOOOPS. so i try not to SPIT on anyone, IF you point a gun at me i may shoot back and spill my milk . darn it.

  9. i just read another pathetic statement from MR. OR mrs. ANONYMOUS. now he is going to hunt me down and i guess kill me if some crazy in the next twenty years kills someone, well if he plans i hunting me down i will be where i have been in the last 50 yrs. on dykes rd. unless of course in dec.2012 the whole of south fla. sinks, in that case i will be in live oak and i will leave my address. MY forfathers never ran from a fight and i never have either so don't worry about trying to find me i will be right here.

  10. Marygay, there is nothing wrong with holding you accountable for decisions you make. Just like none of us are abortion doctor killers as you previously intimated, nobody is going to hunt you down and kill you.

    Nobody is going to point a gun at you, Marygay. We are all aware that "an armed society is a polite society" and that there are more guns in the Ranches than cattle (or corrupt politicians).

    The fact of the matter is that you, and a number of the other old timers are fully supportive of this prison and even in light of a demonstrated case of a 15 year old being killed by the same type of detainee that will be here, you are still making apologies and spinning the facts.

    If this is impersonal, I have given you my phone number of 5 occasions now and I am at all the meetings. I assure you that I will be cordial to you. But, I do point out that we are not a Zoo as you have called us, Marygay.

    Bill Di Scipio

  11. , I dont see where anyone said anything about killing anyone or hunting them down all I see is where someone said u and council willl be held responsible if anyone gets hurt or killed I even see it said these are not threats. stop making this into something its not I think the person is saying cuz of your support blood will be on ur hands no one here is shooting anyone calm Down and quit being a drama queen chapels


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