The Town of Southwest Ranches, Corrections Corporation of American (CCA), and DHS / ICE want to build one of the largest immigration detention centers in the nation within walking distance of thousands of homes; thus, reducing the quality of our life and our community. We do not agree with the federal government privatizing our immigration detention centers throughout the nation when there is clear evidence that privatizing our prisons creates a clear public safety threat. For ICE to continue to privatize these institutions and bring this safety threat through their "secure communities Initiative" to our community is unacceptable. Depriving someone of their liberty is a non-delegable governmental function and privatizing of such a function is infecting our nation like a virus.

The Town of Southwest Ranches has now entered into it's THIRD Fire Contract within the last year now with the Town of Davie, costing taxpayers $120,000 in ramp up fees. They are now closing several roads in western Southwest Ranches charging the tax payers $80,000 for the gates. They have paid an unknown amount of money for lobbying with ICE regarding this prison. They have several lawsuits against the Town, 1- Involving Open Meeting Violations on a November 5th meeting concerning the ICE Detention Center, 2- Open Records Violations, and 3- The Town is putting together a lawsuit to sue Pembroke Pines for breach of contract because the City utilized their exit clause and cancelled for convenience their Fire/EMS contract which included water and sewer at the last minute for the CCA prison. In the contract it states that there should be no third party beneficiaries. CCA would be a third party in this instance.

CCA has also filed suit in Federal court against the City of Pembroke Pines saying they are denying them water however the City had never seen a water application. The City did file for a Declaratory Judgement in State Court but that has been put on hold until the Federal Court hears the suit from CCA.

Is ANYONE CONFUSED as to why the Pembroke Pines/Southwest Ranches Fire Agreement was cancelled? The Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff attempted to "slip" into the agreement a portion that guaranteed water for the prison at CCA's request. This is something that should have been brought up separately. CCA should have brought it forward on their own in a water application. This is sleight of hand that CCA and the Town attempted to do because they were so afraid of CCA being on the Pembroke Pines agenda.

As of June 2012, ICE put out a statement that the site selection was no longer needed due to the fact that the extra bedspace was no longer needed.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Representative Mario Diaz Balart Letter

The constituents of US Rep. Mario Diaz Balart (R-FL21) have just received a copy of a letter that he has sent to Director John Morton, the Director of ICE, opposing the placement of the Detention Center. Gary Mead, Director of Removal and Enforcement who is in charge of making the decision to award the contract to Southwest Ranches reports directly to Director John Morton.

Congressman Mario Diaz Balart specifically cites the reasons for apprehension:
... that the facility would affect property value, traffic, and noise to the area, utility consumption, fire department response times, and their overall quality of life. In addition, the potential site is less than five miles from more than a dozen schools...
In addition, he encouraged input from residents:
I would strongly encourage you to seek the input of nearby residents that could be directly impacted by the facility before moving forward on a decision.
We Thank the Congressman for standing up for his constituency in this matter. For him to take the time and personally listen to his constituents concerns and act upon them is highly commendable and is appreciated among the community.

Click Here to download Letter.


  1. Isn't this the letter that Senator Bill Nelson and Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz SHOULD have written instead of an endorsement letter?

  2. Congresswoman Wassermanschultz, and Sen.Nelson have both been persuaded by 5 Councilmen and a Town Attorney, that they know what's best for the residents of Southwest Ranches. However, at least we have a Representative with Ethics in Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart. Thank you Congressman I will send you my personal thank you also and not just on "Post A Comment"

  3. Please take a moment to email a quick "thank you". In fact, have everyone you know write "thank you" to the Representative. Believe me, the word will get around. Here's a link to his congressional contact page, just copy & paste in your browser...,11

  4. Actually, They were persuaded by one lobbyist, the mayor and town atty...I don't think that the other councilmen would be able to go to these meetings...because of public meeting laws

  5. Almost correct. They were persuaded by TWO lobbyists. Attorney Keith Poliakoff HEAVILY lobbies on behalf of the town (and apparently CCA).


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